FS: Valentine 1 (V1.8 WITH POP)

most of you know what V1’s are and how well they perform. but for those that dont:

Standard Features Include:
* Full 360 degree cover of both radar and laser.
* Directional arrows indicate exactly which direction the attack is coming from.
* Count mode informs you of how many different types of radar there are.
* Signal strength indicator lets you know how far away you are from the source.
* Photo Cell - observes ambient lighting conditions and adjusts brightnes of display accordingly.
* Full computerised logic modes - A three stage filtration system minimises false alerts, whilst maximising sensitivity.
* Includes Owners Manual containing background information on Radar & Laser techniques.

I have the box for this, along with everything that it came with from the factory. Its in mint shape. I actually bought this form a member on here a while back. I have no need for it any more as I don’t drive while i’m down at school and I need some cash.

Also this is the newest of the firmwares (1.8, with POP detection) I am asking $400 OBO.

PM sent.

pretty sure these are $399.99 right from the valentine website


sale pending to Minglor.