Fundraiser at Broadway Joes 2/22/08 bands, raffle

Throwing a fundraiser tonight, all proceeds go towards a tombstone for my buddy Anthony Page.

ton of bands;

Pink Tiger
Pug Mahones
Siren Street Shutdown

they all have myspaces, just search for them. mostly punkish music.

got 100 level sabres tickets, pominville autographed stick, connelly autographed puck, a complete skateboard from Sunday, $20 gift cert to Sweet & Dirty, 2 $20 gift certs to Urban, MAC makeup products, and more all to raffle off. $5 a ticket or 5 for $20.

Broadway Joes, 2051 Main St. at Lasalle. $4 pitchers, skate videos playing all night, good time, good cause. $10 at the door.

If i wasn’t sicker than hell i’d be there, its been awhile since ive drank there…

who’s workin tonight?

way to post this at 9pm the night of. I would’ve come out and drank a few.

haha i wasn’t sure if i was gonna post it on nyspeed or not, there’s a lot of weirdos on here. i was getting the jitters about the turnout, but we had a boatload of people and raised ~$2700!