FuzzyFish is this you???!! *PIC*


Take that silly sideways crap to the d1 circuit :slight_smile:

btw. who are those lazy jerks sitting under that tree in the back?

(more pics from ecc-n @ http://www.wny-scca.com/modules.php?set_albumName=7-24-05-ECCN-Solo&op=modload&name=gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php - may need to register/log in)

workers sitting! = :whip:

lol this was during fun runs, and i wasn’t even technically working

At least your were on course, that guy who showed up in the elise who got to drive even though he didnt race or work, taht kind of stuff ticks me off. It wasnt chris its was another red elise.

Yeah thats crappy. I didn’t take any fun runs, I was just out in there watching.

it looks like the fish :lol: thats nice!

that’s teh fhish.
Still no pix of the dub :frowning:

or the mr2 :confused: nExt time…


Sideways in the FWD turblo Probe. Hot pic man.

Hell yeah someone got a pic of my fun run! And what are those workers doing they should have been picking up all the cones I nailed with the door prior.

wow anyone notice the 2 guys sitting under the tree, they look like there sp00ning :lol:

walkers old probe? that thing was titties and beer. pulled hard on the vr…

That would be the one. :tup:

nice pics zong

Actually I took none of those. The pic above was taken by Rob DesJardins, as well as half of the pictures in the link and the other half were taken by some little ninja they call Wayne Jr.

hahahah nice devin