GB: 180sx style bumpers

Most people don’t know that i do these bumpers… i did a run a couple years ago and due to size and margin i never ever stock them…

However, S1DC needs a couple more done so i’ll be putting another run through.

If anyone else is interested let me know ASAP.

$380 per bumper, picked up

Same bumper as both Chris and Cody wear on their drift cars…

It’s fibreglass and requires you to remove some of the factory bracket work of your stock bumper to make it fit right but looks good when it’s on.

hey bing can you get me those bumper lights?

yeah but they are hecka pricey

dude they’re like 80 bux from dmax with both position and turn signal in one… I guess that is kinda expensive for something so small… but not that expensive…

i was talking about OEM… if DMAX has them cheap then i can get those too.

What all is required to be removed?

frickin 45 bux holy shit… im getting those noaawww… i need them for my bn bumpers… they used to be 80 bux daymn

Edit: Already purchased ooo yeaaa duff maannn

When did you start talking like a brown rapper?

you just need to use the factory brackets on the bumper… separate from your oem bumper and bolt them onto this one

How long tell you have them in and is it a half now half on pick up, deposit or full amount?

well, i wont be placing the order officially until Cody confirms with me since it’s was pretty much him that wanted me to do another run since he wants a couple extra bumpers since his is smashed.

If you are coming to the meet we can settle up there… or 50/50 i don’t really care too much either way… easier for me if its done in full in advance.

Okay pm me when you know When you know a date and I’ll figure out the money situation then

i’d be interested in one of these…keep us posted bing

lets settle up at the meet on sunday. I just spoke with Cody who will put his order through then… makes it easier since we’ll all see each other there anyways. I’ll place the order that night and hopefully turn the bumpers around in a week or so.

Shit that soon hopefuly you do it again soon I’ll make sure I’m ready

order has been placed… if you want in let me know asap

you have side pics:

side pics? there are quarter pics here…

any left?

i dont stock them… make deposit, i order it, you pick it up a couple weeks later.