GM prepares new supplier price program

Part of an article from Automotive News 8.1.2005…

“Another element in the new program will be GM’s requirement that its top 250 suppliers have offshore manufacturing capability for the parts they sell the carmaker.”

Also, GM is demanding a 15% price reduction from steel suppliers and a 50% reduction of price from radio suppliers!

I guess stomping on your suppliers is the way to solve financial problems.:bloated:
They must be taking lessons from WalMart.

Maybe GM should just move all of their operations to China.:gotme:

When all of the good manufacturing jobs are gone and we are all working in service jobs like NAPA selling Chinese car parts for $7.00/hour, we will only be able to afford Chinese cars anyway.

End of educational rant kiddies.

15% priced reduction on steel when the market price of steel has gone up double digit percentages?? I’d like to know what those morons are smoking. Also how do they expect radio suppliers to slash prices when copper prices have gone up more than 60%.

We are fighting inflation at my company, but asking for reductions like that is stupid.

related note. I hate Walmart with a red hot burning passion

Copper prices are unbelievable now.