Good deal on Bell Star helmets

sportbiketrackgear has Bell stars for 299, some of the carbon ones for 329.

that carbon cerwinske is one of my favorite looking helmets ever.

I got my RSD Black Beauty Carbon on Black Friday from them. The price was back to normal right after black Friday, nice to know they are still doing this. Great catch!

$329 shipped for a top of the line race level carbon lid is a fucking steal. It is literally half price and the lid just came out this year, so you are not getting some old stock. Even the non carbon is a steal…

Might jump on that. Damn

matte carbon is still $$$

Damn I want the Matte Carbon. >_<

I hear a lot of good things about bell, some guys prefer bell over shoei & and agv even arai

If they got that RSD Black Beauty Carbon for $329 still in 2-3 weeks … it’s as good as mine, but damn I wish that Matte Carbon was on sale.