Got a New Steering Wheel

Like the title says :smiley:


Nice :tup:

i like it :smiley:

very nice :tup: it goes along with the interior very well, good choice!

hehe looks just like my momo :smiley:

definately sexy :tup:

Love that wheel, I miss mine, damm airbags :mad:

yesss…u finally put everything back together…looks good :tup:

nice…looks really good :tup:

mmmmm xander… looks hot

whats that like a 350-400 dolla wheel

Looking sweet,

Get a EGT gauge already, and some black carpet

:tup: so hot

That looks freakin’ hot

what a sexy interior

OoOoOoOo I likey


Why not just get a wideband?

looks awesome all put back together…the steering wheel is hot!

Real tuners get both… EGT is just a good overall tool to coroborate fuel injection behavior.

ricer :wink: