Got NES? Got 31k?

yeah thats a couple games. I was shocked they don’t throw in a nintendo.

it says system included. wheres your brain at?

W O W that is a lot of games hah

sorry. i was just trying to read the games. I gess its jisy mi ADD

a system is included…

edit:nvm, someone beat me to it

Don’t judge me!

i figured. retard.


31K wow, imagine if all the boxes, and instructions were included too. double that price easy

who knows that kind of information?

go back to the flea market on walden and peddle some tires, lol

10$ per used nintendo game = 6,700

a little overpriced

milons secret castle was awesome


WOW, that’s everything they ever made for NES, including the Glove!

yea i’ll take my free ROMs on pc :stuck_out_tongue: altho i must say thats pretty impressive

Damn…thats a hell of a collection.

theyre missing a game… i know what it is. does anyone else?

EDIT i just sent him a question through ebay asking him why he doesnt have it.

zelda limited edition cartridge?

do they have the game genie?

how bout u read the list lol

youre kinda warm. the cartridge hes missing is gold, and they only made 26 i believe.