hate your inlaws ? turn them into diamonds when they die !!!

apparently what they do is put grandma in a huge hydraulic press, and out pops this …

if gramma had blue hair, does the jem come out blue too ?






sorry mang its been around 4ever

kinda pricey.

it would be cheaper and more satisfying to take them down to the wrecking yard and toss them in to car crusher

i’m gonna stick grandpa in the freezer

I would just put her in a blender and make a smootie.

stuff you saw on other forums doest count as a repost here :stuck_out_tongue:

They’d make alot more money if they took an cadavore, dumped it somewhere, and sold regular diamonds. Who knows, maybe they do?


This is what I got back.


hahah thats funny as hell

the thought of that grosses me out! blah!

holy shit those cost a l-o-t!!