this new site looks very promising :tup:

yo bitch!


howdy hi =)


'Bout time G-Jeff…

heyyy yourself!


welcome Geoff… where’s your gay avatar

geez they’ll let anyone join i see :rofl:

yeah…another DSMer :slight_smile:

RAWR, welcome

whats crackin

WELCOME!!! :wave:

Hi Newb.

:hay: haaaayyy!

(I cant believe someone hasnt posted this yet)

What is this a 4 year anniversary of Geoff’s welcome? Way to bring the thread back from the dead lol.

:gtfo: :noob:

holy shit

and to think… you’re all mine in 7.679 days.

(i was actually lookin for pics of your house… and found this… so i figured id welcome you to nyspeed. its a wonderful place)