Here it is, we tried but failed, My 1989 Sil80 :\

Very shitty pics of a very nice car.

man if those pics were better quality it would be wicked, when i get my rig runnin again i gota go out for a photo shoot with my good camera, anyone is welcome to come out

nice fog lights you ricer!!! haha

what happened to the spoiler. damn, still a sweet car. Can’t wait to have the wannabe and the reality together

Saw it at D-Sport on friday. Gorgeous car.

B-Wurm :smiley:

I had a car just like that a while ago … we should take some more pictures of it Bora … just need to get it in the sun …night pictures never turn out well unless you have a good camera

well seems like your car has a proper right fender :\

yea, i totally suck ultra goat balls at this taking picture business

please somebody help a brother out

this car is going to a waste haha

and very nice ricer canadian tire fog lights indeed :smiley: haha its really more of a safety issue, i really cant see shit with my stock headlights

I second that. crap s13 headlights suck balls. i still need to hook up the built in fog lights.

help is here