Hey Guys

I thought I would stop in and say “Long Time No See” :slight_smile:

I see a lot of familiar people. I sold my Turbo Probe from a while back, I now own a Black '04 RX-8, six-speed.

Here she is from the day I picked her up :smiley:


later joe.

(sorry i had to)



what up…:wave:

hey hey…:wave:

welcome :wave: <3 the rx8, black looks awesome on that car.


why later kim?

Anywayz… Howdie… Hows bidness?

whoa RHD!

:wink: I was wondering who would pick up on that.

ahh u went to a rotary :tup: and is that really your car? i’m guessing no since its RHD in that pic :stuck_out_tongue:

silly JDM kidz and their JDM carz.

where u livin?


Gratuitus post count- post.

Other Generic welcoming remark

howdy, long time no chat