hey im new

this is justin(gsx on the barf) just making my appearence. whats up everyone

:wave: Forgot to take advantage of the ability to start with a new name ehh?


:lol: I have a burn mark on my hand Justin…thanks :rant:


lol gsx ehh… where’s my gauge

shave that damn hulk hogan facial hair on ur face…LOLOLOL

what upppp

yeah i will shave, howie gauge is here just need to know time and place.

hey Justin :wiggle:

hey pokey

wat Up Justin…I dont know you…:biglaugh: BUt who cares…WELCOME…

welcome to the board!

bout time

howdie Justin.

damn i thought everyone was allready here, you need to get on the ball man. And i stuck with the same name, i guess DSM blood runs to thick.

don’t shave! I love your hulk hogan hair!


what up fellow tinfoil block :wave:

what’s upppppp, i’ll be seeing you very soon, Buff trip is still on :slight_smile: