Hey Ya!

I finally got off my ass and made the switch…
Forum looks good… Doesn’t seem to bee the assclownery on here that I’ve just gotten use to ignoring elsewhere… so :tup:
and if you think I’m :gay2: then just tell me to :gtfo:


welcome :slight_smile:

Eww the Kahne lover…

Hiya :slight_smile:

Yo i met you last night…

not sure who u are but welcome anywyas!

some of you may know me as slowcarfastdriv… I’ve now decided to reprezent my dub.

welcome :wiggle:




sup man


Hey you! Welcome … :slight_smile: Lovely seeing you coupla Sundays ago!

Hey there! Lovely seeing you at ECC coupla weekends ago! Love your new ride, should let me do a power lap with that. :smiley:

you gotta call me first.

It’s long distance though … rather expensive, don’t you think? Unless I could call collect. :smiley:

Eww… icky vdub driver. Welcome :wave:

You wanna drive my car… the least you can do is foot the bill for the phone call across the pond… Just have someone from top gear call… but I think comptuers / text mesages are more your style… The whole not opening your visor thing will make it hard to hear you.