Just wanted to say hi, I’m still trying to find out more about my bf’s (98teg) love for cars. Some Juan told me this was the place to be, so he helped me join.

So here I am!!! Buenos dias!! :slight_smile:

welcome aboard

or… “¡hola!”

Oh no…

juanette :tspry:

oh noes your forum is the broke

oh Yes Howie!!


:wave: welcome

:wave: hello… 97neon and i are gonna have to stop over your place again and go swimming and check out the lifeguard:cool:


HI Chandra…welcome :wink:

Hi puta

hello hairy puta

oops!..I caused drama by calling my gf puta

I apologize Chandra…my bad, it wasn’t in a bad way

:wave: helloz




hey there!

hey chandra…welcome! :slight_smile: