Hi I’d just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I probably won’t post too much because I’m a very busy pornstar… uh I mean guy. I make more real life appearances than I do post on the internet. Ok guys that know who I am don’t give it away. But anyway Hi forum.

What movies have you been in?



hi :wave: do you drive a car

I don’t get it


porn star huh? I bet you still don’t know what your doin. :wink:

you don’t need to get it… Jonny, you are my hero…

Thanks for the welcome To answer your questions. Monte: Grundle gladiators 3. , Teenage sex comune. and Cum in my ass not on my face 2. Sureshot: Yes I drive a car. A 1992 Eagle talon TSi AWD. Factory 6 bolt 4 bolt. Jack: I know you don’t get it. Newman: You’ll get it eventually, till then I got a new tattoo, wanna see it?