Nice to see some familiar screen names again :wave:

hola mami :wave:

haha you ended up getting activated after all

congrats and welcome!


Wow…she’s still alive. Hi :wave:




haha yeah thats what i was thinkin…

hey Nichole…welcome !

~from yours/butches saucy lil tart…ahhaa

I think this forum has just become the “old forum” but with a nice twist, hello MCC

welcome! nice to see you! =)

hellllloo there

yeah, this is almost old school… :c )


seriously though…just feels nicer…the same…but more refreshing perhaps

im just waiting for brandon to join up and we will have a complete set of outkasts…

me sleepy her brandon and a few others…

hi welcome back nicole!!

hi…welcome :slight_smile:

:biglaugh: I doubt he’ll sign up… I just signed up because I’m totally out of the loop now and it’s nice seeing and hearing from old friends.

Thanks everyone :tspry: saucy tarts 4L

so are gonna be considered NYSpeed OG…HI MonteLumina Chick

lumina chick!!!

stud muffin!