Holy SHIT!

while reading the other Mugen Legend thread i stumbled across this as well…


apparently it’s a Legend (RL over here) with the SH-AWD and the same V-8 engine that mugen uses in the Lemans Series!!@$%@#$% bout time honda!! i thought the RL would evolve into an STi/EVO killer using the new RDX turbo k-series and awd, but Mugen leaped light years ahead and gave it a goddamned LeMans motor in an AWD car… i mean it’s a design study, but my god!!!

i could drive that

ewww its uuuuuuuugly

yeah, and im sure it will be right in line with the price of an evo too :bloated:

that lil fugger makes some HP. its pretty cool looking IMO

i hate the front end

hot. it would be amazing in black

that thing is titties. OMG hott