Horsepower and Torque

I wanted to start a little discussion on horsepower and torque.

To refresh my own knowledge, and give those that didn’t know as much, to learn more.

I was also curious, when modifying a vehicle, sometimes a certain mod will add 10hp, but you’ll lose 1-2lb ft. of torque.

Is it really worth it?

What if the mod added 10lb ft. of torque, but you lost 1-2hp, is it still worth it?

You can’t really say 10ft/lbs of torque is better then 10HP… one reason is because HP is a fictional number made up from an equation using the torque numbers and RPM… this is why hondas can get away with having 100ft/lbs of torque and still make 200HP… cause they rev to the sky.

I hate saying this, cause it’s my default answer, but to answer your question… it comes down to what you are looking for, as to wether or not XXX setup is worth losing XXX driveability.

Ok, I see…

Well, I only run drag with the car.

And I was wondering if losing 1 or 2 lb ft of torque is worth gaining 10hp. (And vice versa)

well to start of HP is not a real number…it is derived from your torque number…so depending on the gain of or loss of torque will determine the gain or loss of hp…usually if u gain a significant amount of HP u are also gaining torque

(Torque x Engine speed) / 5,252 = Horsepower

which is why it depends on where you are picking up the new HP. Down low/up top