Teh moon is made of cheeese…

think im joking? zoom in all the way

god google rules

hahaha thats sweet


CHEESE! Amazing… I always knew the moon was made out of something tasty, but I always thought it was cookie.

I love how I read OT, then come here later in the day, and read zwarbyt posting OT…

keep up the good work :tup:

slashdot 4 L



If the moon was really made of cheese, we’d mine the hell out of it. It’s obviously fake. :slight_smile:

i love how i found this in the morning and posted it, and later checked back to see walter tottaly riding my nuts like a bitch

Why don’t you two get married… :gay2:

You can come to the wedding, we’ll let you be in the middle

Walter and Zwarbyt man juice, just what a growin’ body needs!


cheese. hahaha… haha. ahhahaha. oh my bad, I over laughed at that which isn’t very funny.

LOL that’s mad funny :slight_smile:

cheese < cookie

“if moon was cookie
me think me would be
happiest monster you ever seee”

-cookie monster


Fucking cookie monster and his complete lack of command of the English language… :shoot: