I am the newest person ever on this forum

well… until the next person signs up.


hi there bluballs I hope you get some!

i hope you never get any :slight_smile:


welcome, dude… =)

:biglaugh: howdy

skunk can take care of those for you…

Skunk’s rep is getting around fast!!

I should have made my name NoBalls :banghead:


anyone good at photoshop? I need a sig :slight_smile:

Post pics of your car and I will do one for you…

I miss doing that lol

ugh sorry I feel yer pain!



:stuck_out_tongue: Get the pics up y0. I’m bored.

is this tony?!?!




que pasa mang?

nada, mucho gusto… gracias para la bienvenida.

a sig is in the works, thanks for the offer MonteCarloChica

oh, and this isn’t tony :slight_smile:

he should start charging by the hour