I don't like Avalanches, but this one...


i know this is pretty OT, but i showed up to holiday valley saturday shortly after the avalanche… it was pretty crazy there…

Those look quite decent with the sideskirts painted body color. Never would have thought that.

Yeah they look a million times better with the monochromatic paint.

kinda looks like the caddy version painted that way…

i wanna take that truck to candy mountain…p.s. did he just say he was goin to video tape beating a vette/viper in that truck???

neat, i wonder what #'s it puts out

ha 540 bb

haha, truck sounded good as hell…they should have included #s and such for it though :smiley:

I wanna see some 4wd burnouts.

For those that were too lazy to go to their site :stuck_out_tongue:

And it still has A.C.

badass, the people making the video suck at life, though.

I think they got the tranny right after 3 tries :slight_smile:

The video does suck.

But that truck is sick.

That’s not twin charged, it’s twin supercharged…

Twin charged = turbo + sc

And damn, that intake pipe is like a fucking donkey dick

the guy at the end sounded like Bush

Twin supercharged 540ci and it’s only making 890 ft-lbs? Doesn’t that seem way low or is that not peak?

at 2300 rpm. Doubt that’s peak… but even if it is, 900 ftlbs just off idle? :eek:

was that a george bush look alike in the driver’s seat?

oh and uh, siq