ic:91' 7 spoke 240 rims + 8 tires

just looking to see if there is anyone interested in my oem rims, they come with 4 tires mounted - 2 falken zeix 2 continetal somethings - + 4 Yoko Advid t4’s with 6/32ds tread 195 55 15 i think i’ll check in the morning
Pictures can be taken if any interest
i unno 2 bills? obo

Pictures definitely help sell products! Use imageshack to host, and hotlink em onto the site!

Good luck with the sale!!!

nah didnt need any pictures it was just the stock 7 spokes everyone know what they look like.
but damn those tires are bald, il just have to get them even more worn out, and then put the other set on and do the same :slight_smile:

nice meeting ya today, weather wasnt that bad and that place is pretty cool, too bad there were cars there and i had 8 tires in my car (yes you can fit 8 tires in an s13)


yes you can fit 8 tires and 4 of them on rims in a coupe (with no seat) Still good man, smoke some @ the next meet if you show up

^haha may just have to do that. but would be a pain swapping tires to the siht ones then back to the good ones after having some fun with em. we’ll see how it works out.