If you like "In the air tonight"

For those of you that’re fans of Phil Collins’ song “In the air tonight”, You may enjoy this newer version by the band “Nonpoint”

Check it out…

I’ll let the song speak for itself.

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Where? link

I don’t have a link… It wouldn’t let me attach anything other than a picture file… tdown.

Is there a site I can upload this file?

EDIT: Fixed…



That cover is like 6 months old :stuck_out_tongue: But it is amazing. :tup:

lol, was gonna say, ive had that on my comp for a long ass time

but def a great mix

I just heard it a few weeks ago on the preview for some show on NBC or something…

And decided to go look for it, found it, and thought I’d share with the few that haven’t heard it.

the most recent i heard it was playing in the credits of some show on TV…maybe a month or so ago…

im probably thinking of the same thing you are…

it’s from “recoil”, very cool album. track 2 is teh w1n.

Damn good song, they play in on Octane 20 on Sirius quite a bit

im old, i like phil

im young, i like phil

Nonpoint def has better stuff.

It was redone nicely tho, not to over the top… still has a large feel of the original.