I'm now officially a prune!

Ugh - My B-day is tomorrow (Aug 5), and I’ll be 26.


I was just curious if getting older sucks any less for some of the guys that are older than me. Probably not. :slight_smile:

So anyway, if you want to come up with a geriatric nickname for me, go right ahead. Just thought I’d share. :smiley:


One of my friedns b-day is also tomorrow. Its her 18th so i think we are all going to squires or iron horse and i don’t know from there.

:drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

My party will be this Sunday with a bunch of crazy Nissan doods. :E

Everyone is invited - as long as they stay out of the left lane on the highway. N/A POWA COMIN’ THRU! :E

happy b-day, birtrhday hookers for everyone!!! :E

:cheer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS :cheer:

Time to get him smashed at sylvan :partyman:

Happy B-Day Kris. Hope you have a good one.

No worries, I felt old on my 24th.

Happy Bday man!! :party1: No parties this weekend?? :partyman:

My brother turned 29 yesterday, and his daughter was born at 6:30am, so he feels great. Happy Birthday. You will not feel older only better able to reflect on passed time.

You are only 26? I thought being over 30 was a requirement to drive one of those four door econoboxes. :slight_smile:

Only if you don’t need to compensate for a small penis like turbo 240 drivers. :smiley:

(Sorry - had too much beer today ALREADY, and it’s only 6 PM. :E)

dude, I thought 23 was old. :supz: anyways party on. lol

Haha, I’ll be right there with you in a couple of months Chris. Don’t worry, we’ll just be taking over the world sooner. :E

Oh god! 26. If only.

Back in the day 26 meant lower insurance rates.