in stock

…ok so i have nothing to do tomamrow… so i figured i would go buy my intake for my car… its a nissan se-r… just wondering if anybody would have this in stock… or am i gonan have to order it and wait till it coems in

get out your phone and order it, cause i can pretty much assure you that no one has one of those on the shelf.

ya thats what i figure

u can go buy pieces from autozone that bolt together. they even have a book with wat pieces u need to make the intake.

Not in stock but if you need a specific kit we can order it for you and you would see it within 1 to 2 business days (providing not on back order )


thats just a mock up kit you cant actually use it.

rofl not the plastic tubes, those are for the mockup. the metal pipes, you woudl use that with couplers.

thanks… i will give u guys a call maybe on fri so i could have it for next monday…i am going with aem… if ya could pm a price it would help thanks

might wanna call them sooner than that in case if 1-2 day shipping isn’t that quick over the weekend