indash dvd player

jensen indash dvd player with flip out 7 inch color screen
3 months old bought for 700+

call tom with any questions tell him derek gave you his number
as 412 498 9001

Any pics?

im not the person selling this is posted for a friend we were watching bike videos on it just a couple weeks ago serisouly its 3 months old (you know practically brand new) call him his name is tom ask him to meet you some place and be nice about it he will drive almost anywhere i think… he is desperate for money because he owes me cash and im leaving in a couple weeks for the army

![ 1.jpg]( 1.jpg)
![ 2.jpg]( 2.jpg)
![ 3.jpg]( 3.jpg)

Thanks shaggy

how big is the screen ?

its acually a decent unit, I havent had any returns on yet, prob put 4-5 in…

says 7"

yes 7 inches

Is 99CobraSC the owner of the in-dash DVD player? Because i PM’ed him with an offer.

no he is not… like i said in the add call tom at 412 498 9001 and as for offer well im not postive but 400 i believe is as low as he would like to go you would have to ask him though

Thats not a bad unit …
I thought about getting that one … but I went with the Alpine IVA-D310 instead … I like the alpine …

Bump on good price

Still for sale.

I got $350 cash in hand…will you sale it for that?

Heh this is TUCK. I just signed up for pittspeed and that is my head unit. I have given it alot of thought and I have decided that I can deal with $350 if you want to buy it tommarow on sun. The unit is in perfect condition with all information, box, and 2 working remotes. I love the unit but im kind of strapped for cash. So if your serious SohcSleeper95 give me a ring on sun the 5th if possible at 412 498 9001. Hope to hear from you!