INSTALL: Prothane Bushings, D2 Coilovers & SSBC Big Brake Kit


Finally got some pieces back, sandblasted and coated; mounted rear up. (Still need to torque, and replace a few bolts with new hardware:


Got the fronts done, everything torqued. Suspension is on the car. Just have some minor things to do and then the car will finally see the road. Also did a lot of work with the die grinder and angle grinder cleaning up the hubs and other pieces of rust. Got them all back to shiny metal, then coated them with anti-rust paint.

Lots of money spent on new hardware (~$200 on new nuts, bolts, split lock washers, etc. etc. ). Good thing I don’t have a GF right now :slight_smile:

Installed an SSBC Force 10 Big Brake Kit. Here are the specs:

Part Number A167
Retail Price $775.00
Minimum Wheel Size 17"
Axle Front
Caliper Specs:
Name SuperTwin
Number of Pistons 2
Piston Size 38mm
Constructed From Aluminum
Standard Finish Clear Anodized
Optional Finishes Polished or Powder Coated
Rotor Specs:
Diameter 12"
Thickness 1.000"
Venting Directional (curved vane)
Standard Finish Slotted and Plated

Here is the kit mounted:

Here is the test fit with my SSRs, Clearance is good :):

Install almost complete, just need to bleed the system. Review shortly (hopefully at the Seneca auto-x )

Nice coils and sweet brakes, looks good. :tup:

VERY nice rick, looks amazing bet it’ll perform that way too!

ya know u wouldn’t of needed all that new hardware if u didn’t drive it thru the winters :wink:

blah blah winters :slight_smile:

Since I wasn’t the first owner it didn’t matter. It was a NE car driven in the winter when I got it, so the damage was already done :stuck_out_tongue:

Over this winter when I get a beater, I will probably rip everything off down to the subframe and get the things that I didn’t get to in this run. I figure by next year, the car will be almost new as far as parts and underbody. Rust will be a thing of the past :slight_smile:

Good Job! Looks great!


hott action :tup:

damn I wish they made those brakes for the 1G’s… looks good man, I like how the stock parts look all cleaned up

same coilovers i have, great for the money, just dont drive them in the winter and store them inside unless you wana fork out for new dampners.

SSBC has to do something about the looks of their brakes… function over fashion of course… but they look like the missing peice to my voltron. Cmon SSBC, make em look good and less like a lego peice.

Im sure they stop with the fury… but It is my biggest complaint with SSBC

That’s why we have AT LEAST three brake kits for each car. It depends on what you are looking for, and style you want.

You can’t really complain because if you want the traditional “4-Piston” big brake kit style, we have it as well.

Maybe if someone can host a few pictures for me, I can give you some sneak previews of our new 8-piston we are developing right now…