Interesting Subaru. Who's going to buy it?

Found this today:

Who’s going to buy it and do a motorswap?

Also, a there is a museam where the Mini would be too big to be shown:

LoL, I love my Subaru’s but a 2 stroker? Jeebuz. Looks like a Beetle.

a 360 with a 800 twin polaris “fuji” motor would rock. can you say 150HP 360??

Can you imagine a Sti motor in that thing. dayumm

I was thinking the same thing. lol


fuck the sti motor. it wouldnt fit.

but a modern Snowmobile motor. since you can still register this with a two stroke engine. would be silly. pick up a wrecked sled. pull motor. win.

dude, those mini cars are sweet. i want one

1 2 3 NOT IT

It defiantly is… interesting.

I’ve wanted one of these for years.

Very cool little cars. But yeah, an old VW Bug is huge by comparison.

Death Trap.


Would rather have an Isetta.

The 360 was imported to the United States by Malcolm Bricklin, but the Subaru 360 received notoriety in 1969, when Consumer Reports magazine branded the automobile “Not Acceptable” (because of safety concerns and lack of power), and sales collapsed. There were various rumors of Subaru 360s being tossed overboard or being shredded to pieces. It was also reported that many 360s sat on dealers’ lots for two or three years without ever being purchased.

Sounds like a good time. :tup: