iPod Touch 8GB

-Doesn’t come with the USB charger, or any charger for that matter because I need it for my other iPod.
-Works great, has about a 1.5" crack in the top left corner[as pictured]…DOES NOT affect the touch screen or anything at all! Replacement screens are cheap from what I’ve seen.
-The back is pretty scratched, not deep but just surface scratches from being pulled in and out of my pocket & center console over time.

I’m asking $120 OBO, if you buy it for $120, or close to $120 I’ll give you the B/N Sony headphones with it.



i killed the prom queen… nice :thumbup
bump for a cracked itouch. mine worked fine and was way worse than that, had a huge crack down the middle :lol

Too bad Jona is playing for BMTH now:ahh

is that a 1g or a 2g?

Pretty sure it’s a 2g


$70 if you deliver it to me in colonie.

buy my mp3 player.


sold to me

Innerparty System ftw.


whats with all the pictures of the little girls on this thang?

It was my sister’s iPod, then she was going to throw it out bc of the cracked screen:crazy so I put my music on there and used it. So whatever pictures there are, are probably hers :lmao

a new screen is like 20 bucks