is there a common problem with chevy 4wd?

My dad has an 03 chevy avalanche and his warranty just ended. he already had some kind of problem where his 4wd needed servicing and it was fixed but of course now it is back. I was wondering if this is a common problem or something. he never really uses the 4wd unless it is really bad out and he never beats on his truck. im just kinda pissed about it because he had this problem before and it obviosly wasn’t fixed. thanks for any help

what is the problem with it?..

Was it fixed when it was under warranty and by a dealer? How many miles inbetween problems?

My friend is always going through CV joints/half shafts. Usually one a winter.

is it the vacuum engagement if so thats gone out on my sisters truck a few times already


Theres also a Switch underthere thatll stop working if you get it REALLY wet.

i don’t know the problem really. all i know is that there is some kind of squeaking noise that you can hear when accelerating at low speeds. its just the 4wd service light comes on. it was probably last summer that it came up and they fixed it at the dealership under warranty. i would probably guess 8,000 miles at the most since then but now that it is out or warranty the light is back on. it just says service 4wd.