JEANETTE & CHRISTINA - photo shoot




…awaiting dawn’s response to these slut bag pieces of trash with nasty ass tatoos, piercings with hot thorax’s. :cjerk:


The plural of thorax is thoraxes or thoraces.


^ i would love to say i’m sorry…but i’m not. The same goes for caring.


i guess im the only one who doesnt think that looking anorexic looking crackhead girls arent sexy…

good pics though



Yes. I would take a girl with a amazing skinny body and busted face over a girl with a gorgeous face and curvy body.


Great work once again and love the direction much better than the last one. Just watch your camera height when they are wearing the short skirts. The one in the black skirt is showing a bit , Make sure the panties match at least or go commando LOL !! But awesome shots


You are not. I don’t like chicks with sharp edges.






its like whores r’ us in rochester … good work

the black and white maybe 4th photo with the hood open looks really good


Sucks for all you fatty lovers


That would be sweet to be a fatty lover in Buffalo. So much to pick from.


Ever been to houston?

Fuck. Can go hoggin everywhere.


NOPE. These ladies are hot. Especially the girl with the dumb hair. If she had normal hair, I’d hang out with her.

And I have tattoos and piercings… Never talked shit about that.

Oh. And the cars are hot as fuck too. Minus the mustang.


a tad shallow, no?


Ha. I wasn’t talking about being friends…


I see. So your door swings both ways?


Nah, not really. Not into girls. But that girl is pretty hot.


Haha I have been there every month since April and laugh. I would think since you are close to water and can be in tank tops and shorts year round, you would want to keep your body sexy but I guess not