JEANETTE & CHRISTINA - photo shoot


JEANETTE & CHRISTINA - photo shoot



Great Bodies!!!


Best girls yet.Both look pretty hot


:tup: ladies


believe it or not the girl with the pierced checks had a kid.


have to give you a big :bigclap: on those pics!


They just keep getting better.

Thanks for making my “junk” look that good. lol


lol what do i have to do to get some pics of babes on my Z?


whats it worth to ya lol:nerd:


umm I dunno. A 30rack of your favorite brew?


hot ladies :tup:


they look hot and normal. a lot better than the previous european looking ones.


Best womenz Yet.

and I like your b&w better than the color for some reason.

Good work, getting better every shoot.


Is she testing out her halloween hairdo?

That said, I’d smash.


great pics, todd


Good shit!


i’ve got a couple cars you can lay some girls across… lmk. :wink:


Me too.

You got any girls that dig Volkswagens?



thanx again guys. hope to have 3 more shoots this weekend.


The girl without the fucked up hair is amazing. I am in love with her body. I just can’t get by the cheek piercing.