JVC CD Player

I don’t know exactly what CD player I have, don’t have a manual for it, didn’t buy it. It was in the car when I bought it… Now… My car had some issues and I had to disconnect the battery to change some things and I THINK thats when the problem started. My CD Player will now not accept any CD’s (CD-R, or LEGIT), even ones it used to. I pop em in, it says “Play - -” for a minute and scans the CD, then just Ejects it. Anyone have any similar problems and know why? I don’t want to pay JVC $25 for a fucking manual.

its a jvc thats your problem… no i cant help other than i have never had good experiences with them…buy pioneer

I didn’t buy it, it’s what came in the car and I don’t want to buy a new one at the moment as it’s not a necessity. I just want to get it so I can play CD’s then it’ll be fine until i have money to buy something better.

you could bring it to the lifetime service center… they will take it apart and fix it… but obviously itl cost money for the repair…

i know if you hold the power button and the eject button it resets, but that may not do anything