Lapping on June 8th Sunday,(only 10cars needed)

Phew~ what a blast we had today in the morning.
I just got back from Dunnville Autodrome for Morning Lapping. And I will be hosting another one on at the end of next weekend.

10 Cars will be participating, so ACT FAST. I had to turn down people because I did not wanted to have more then 10 cars. This is an big advantage to whoever is mastering his/her skills OR testing and tunning their car as there are no traffic whatsoever, large runoff ground and most importantly a lot of seating time. I limit to 10 cars solely for this reason. I do not organize the lapping to benefit myself financially.

DATE: June 8th Sunday
Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
COST: $100 per car, $30 for an additional driver sharing the car.

This would be very optimal for track newbies. Myself will help out with newbies for correct lines/proper track manners/breaking and so on.
Also, John@Dunnville(manager/instructor) will also provide small instructions. ALL INCLUSIVE. So Act FAST.

You could reach me by

Dave K.

weather looking good! :smiley:

bad idea dude bings is on june 8th lol every 240 owenr and drifter will be there haha. raincheck?