Leeeroy Mudder F'n Jenkins

Now you know… and knowing is half the battle…

Leroy Jenkins


That is some funny ass shit right there… HAHAHAHHA

That’s much less funny when it happens for real and it’s not staged for amusement…





lolol i dont know if it was worth sitting through the 4 minutes or w/e just to udnerstand the following links… but it still was pretty funny

how the crap did that blow up to be a whole website made for it and stuff?

im coming up with 33.33 (reapeating OF COURSE) chance of survival.


who is leroy jenkins anyways?


i <3 wow even tho i dont play anymore

oh good ol’ leeroy always livens up a party! good to see you here Ninja.

At least I have chicken…

its not my fault

This was hilarious…thanks Adam for the heads up dude…

lol i dont know if you understand it or not, but its still funny :slight_smile:

Dammit i need to make an annoying character like Leroy and become famous too:

If you’ve ever wondered if your obscure knowledge of modern videogame trivia would come in handy, fear not: it could win you cash.

An unusual pop-culture question was worth $1000 in yesterday’s edition of Jeopardy!—as part of a category of questions on video games. Unfortunately, none of the contestants knew the answer to this head-scratcher:

“This role-playing game out in 2004 returns to the “world” of Azeroth, where heroes like Leeroy Jenkins do battle” It is, of course, World of Warcraft—or, as the contestants should have said, “What is World of Warcraft?”. Would you have done better?

This either says a lot about the spread of tired Internet memes into the mainstream, or about the question researchers’ addictions. Either way, it reflects the rise of gaming into popular perception, while maintaining a huge divide between those who are in on the joke, and those who aren’t…

video: http://media.putfile.com/Who-is-Leroy-Jenkins

i saw this at the bar the othe day… i was the only one laughing…