Like a bad penny...

I have turned up again. Whats up kids?:smiley:


lol what up jon (editted)

:word: Good members are showing up. Welcome Jon…

EDIT - Fixed

thanks guys, good to be here.

BTW: it’s Jon :slight_smile:

blah who let u on here anyways :slight_smile:

yo moma

Save the drama fo yo momma! And Rubicant…I am hurt…suddenly I am not a good member? Is this a Vette thing? I dont get waves…I dont have cool hats to match my cars…bleh HI TSUNAMI!

You had to go and pick a new name so I didn’t realize it was you until today (06/19) so piss off. You know you’re my boi, Kyle! I love you… I mean, I respect you as a friend and a peer… Yeah… Say, how bout that Championship series on TV… hahah…ha…ha…

Welcome, and what in the hell is a bad penny? Like, a penny that beats you up and takes your lunch money?


and no a bad penny is something like a rusty penny, it just leaves you with a worse aftertaste after commencing salad

hey hey, what does yellow city mean anyways??


Maybe he is referring to Hong Kong, Shanghai, or another populated area in Asia :confused:

lol at fixing the spelling of my name:rofl:

Velocity = speed

Yellow = best car color ever:headbang:

Yelocity = ONE word having something to do with speed and yellow:p

you damn straight!!!11!!!1

lol…anyways…what up brotha

hi :wave:

hey Jonny…welcome :wink: