Limited Offer: Garrett GT28R - $800 cdn *NEW *Genuine

Limited time offer i just caught wind of…

Genuine Garrett ball-bearing turbos - GT2560 AKA GT28R

normally this would be over $1,000 in your hands.

Until these are sold out i can do them for $800 flat + shipping if necessary… likely only a couple weeks before this expires.

These are just some generic pics, i know you guys know what these are.

Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo - Nissan SR20DET

Dual Ball Bearing GT2560R Turbo assembly with internal wastegate assembly.

.64ar turbine

5 bolt exhaust housing

Very very Good response turbo for 4 Cyl applications.

This turbo has a flow capacity of about 310HP.
TurboCompressor Turbine Turbo PN CHRA PN Ind Whl Dia(mm)Exd Whl Dia(mm)TrimA/R Whl Dia(mm)Trim A/R466541-1 446179-12 46.50 60.10 60 0.60 53.00 62 0.64

I run one of these with great success… amazing upgrade from junky s13 or journal s14 turbos

bumparooo… lets do this

2 orders going through tomorrow morning

i have one extra turbo coming in next week if someone wants it… otherwise it’s going on my s14 :slight_smile:

hi,BING ,how many turbo’s will you order because I’m very interested in buying this particular model. I have to wait till the middle of february though. do you know how long you will have this special offer?

they are only available for as long as they remain in inventory in the US. once they are done i will not be able to get anymore at this price.

Great turbo and amazing response!

Any of these left by chance?

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BOOM 2 year bump

long gone, sorry gents… i think i got 3 in before they ended this sale.