Looking for new wheels

looking into some new wheels…but not sure what i want…i’ve been looking into these…

AC Schnitzer Type II


or something along the lines of this style




here’s what each look like on an E36



wellllll okay then #1’s got my vote x9234894983

EDIT: who likes those second ones, they’re so tuner-y it’s sick - i hate em :tdown:

1’s so phat

On your yellow I just cant see it working, someone needs to PS that into your yellow banana hammock

#1 but not the color

if anybody has any other ideas for wheels…please post up some pics…i’m open for suggestions


too stock for me

edit: and way too chrome

bigger the lip, the better

are you on stock suspension, or are you lowered?

Both would look nice, but nothing beats a slammed m3 with fat lips :wink:

stock suspension…but it’s low stock…

Number 2 FO SHO!!!

I am liking number 2…

1… the second ones look they should be on a veeedub

^^^…pshhhhhhhhh u know nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

how about these…somewhat of the BBS style



i like that style. And i think it would look good if you got a dark color with a polished lip. aka like a certain yellow vette

yea…i’ve been looking for darker rims…but can’t find anything i like…and when i do find something…they are way too much $$$…

but as of right now…i am leaning towards #2 cause it is darker…and they are really growing on me