LSXTV Feature on a local friends car

The guys at LSXTV had contacted him looking to do a feature on his car.

That is a badass car, seen it in person a couple of times…

Looks like there’s a lot of $$$ in that car.

U sold my link off scs!

lol… I posted it on ls1gto last Wednesday when the article went up :smiley:

Some newer shots that didn’t make the article.

sweet big congrats to matt on that car for all the work he ahs put into it.

that bitch is clean

that is understatement. it i insane how clean it is.

that is a sweet ride

Matt won Overall Best GTO at the Cabelas show in Wheeling today!

Pics from yesterday…


Truth. Nice sig. Fag.


very nice

Sweet car man.

Ossum work and congrats buddy for the reward, and i think that car looks absolutely magnificent, and should easily end up awarding you good contracts and surely big money checks are coming your way as well, anyways great work and do continue doing so and dont forget to post your pics of recent works as well.