LVD Opens on...

i need a helmet too. probably wont go up until the wed night opening T&T unless we can get alot of us to go on the opening sunday, then ill just take a sick day at work and get paid to be up there.

If I run 14’s consistantly I will shoot myself.

ladukes gonna be sunnnyyyyyyy slow goin down lvd

I will not be needing a helmet this year, so I might sell it :lol

ahahaha, that’s a bold statement. You’re expecting a lot from that thing.

no it wont lol jk :hug so can i borrow your helmet again?? :evilking

Where da fuck do you think of these terms?

Lower then 14’s … yes

He should make more power than your old k-car did, wouldnt it run near the same times?

i need a helmet this yr ,they yelled at me last yr for havin my drool cup still attached

Yeah so? haha Not saying much seeing as my K20 made 230whp with bolt-ons and a tune. He’d be realllll lucky to run a 12.80, atleast IMO.

Going for 12’s -13’s

Its possible for a d series with my build.

Im just sayin, the potential is there…

Alright, and I’m just sayin. I don’t own that car anymore and that thing certainly isn’t hanging with the coupe :rofl

im gunnin for a 12.9 at 108

Your coupe is going to hang into a telephone pole with you driving

ahhhh SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT. Your shit is prolly gonna be faster than mine this year :lol. I need to build a dumpy honda, wtf!

I am saying it should run 12’s-13’s with the setup. I guess we will have to find out after new software and tune.

he better go to the gym wid ed

it’ll do a 13.50 @108-111