mario andretti racing kart.

hi im seeing if there is any interest in a racing kart

comes with.

5.5 honda motor
couple of different sprockets
2 new clutches
new carb on motor
performance exhaust on the motor
2 seats, one jr. and 1 sr. i can fit in jr it just depends how snug you want it…
and some old crappy helmet

this was my little cousins kart, he raced it at goodwood racetrack

its taking space in my garage because they had to move into an apartment and needed m to store it,

the only thing the kart needs is a exhaust valve lifter arm ( its like a 5$ part ) and is very easy to fix,

800$ obo for everything.

ill post pictures later on tonight if there is enough interest…




ill have pics up later on tonight, sorry

how much power does it make?

5.5 hp. READ!

it didnt say 5.5 hp, it just said 5.5. how am i suposted to know?

sorry, yes it is 5.5 hp… i was gonna buy it of my cousin and throw a dirtbike motor on it and drift it… so relistly it can have any amount of hp you want :slight_smile:

pics will be up shortly sorry for the wait im using a mac and am having trouble loading them on.