Met Condoleeza Rice this weekend...sorta

This weekend I went to the White House. My Aunt works for Fran Townsend, White House Homeland Security Adviser. Wow, if anyone ever gets to go on a White house tour, DO IT! you’ll have to get security clearance and all but once you pass through security, its just like you belong there. Quite an amazing experience not to mention one of the most secure places I’ve ever been.

We toured the White House first, but we also got to go through the West Wing. Unfortunatly cameras are prohibited, checked out the oval office, a bunch of different meeting rooms, press room, rose garden. But I was standing outside the side entrance and I notice one of the black Suburbans just chillin by the curb. I mentioned to my bro that the glass on that truck was definitly not normal, “probably waiting for someone important.” As we walk through the doors we weren’t inside for two minutes and around the corner strolls to Condoleeza Rice. I was able to say Good morning, as she walked by and got into the back seat… Major cool factor. How often does that happen? Secratary of state, I beleive would be 4th in command behind the Vice Pres and the speaker of the house?

Watching the snipers change shifts on the roof was also way cool. I probably will never be able to do that again.

you should have tripped her… I’m not a big fan of her or her gap teeth :slight_smile:

But it is cool to meet such high ranking officials… even though I don’t like Dubbya, I wouldn’t mind meeting him.

If you run into Dubya punch him in the nuts for me :tup:

Im gonna go there when i get home so i can punch Dubya in the nutz :tup:

He was in town because the prime minister of India was coming to town on monday. I would have liked to meet dubaya tho.

2 x please!

I would not have recognized her if I was on that tour…

I doubt I would recognize the VP.