My car and I went on an <<<ADVENTURE>>>

And then…it…came up behind me and scared the bajesus out of me. She wanted to know about my camera, my car, where I was from, what I was doing…it made me want to pee. So I left. She scared me. She had a dog. She named her dog Stashu. She scared me.

And there’s another one up 425 as well. I assume it’s a nike missile base, but this one looks like they still try to keep it up.

Dorothy did protest a little when I took her back in the bushes. She said weird things hide in them.

lol @ the old lady

Cool pictures… nice background shots :tup:

Old lady… hmm I’d hit it.


Corey… any nude pics of that old broad?

Maybe some boob or ass shots?

where did u go for the pics?

Yea… where’d you go man?

I gotta find this old broad :headbang:

You need help.

Hell no!

I want a gum job!

fjkda;jfsda she is even weirder looking now

Damn… classy and sexy :tup:

Did you get her #?

yes on 425 that is a nike site.

have you been in the open door :nervous:

stashu, thats polish for stanley.