My first attempt at artsy photos
night shot

Where I hang my hat
view from the balcony

Nice locations, but get that VW out of the pictures :lol:


:cockblock :frowning:



will you take artsy pics of me naked?

car looks sex.

sounds good i need to wax you first

done and done.

i seriouly love your avatar.

its gonna kill you…


but leave it to me next time :slight_smile:

come on they are not that bad

right and newman and you dont have man-sex everynight…

I like :tup:

I hate your tires tho, freakin gay ass 712s…

^^ word those rims look like you only paid a couple hundred for them

Take the other car out of the background and this one would be tight.


That car now looks playalistic, it’s too bad you will probably be hitched, i need a friend with a four door, we could squeeze a whole bunch of fat ones in their and a sack of white castles to keep em occupied. The tacoma presents a problem. The photos are chauncadelic,what is this some sort of statement that now that you have a VW you understand avante-garde culture, I seen a photo like that before at bed, bath and beyond. Only it was a beetle instead and there was a oily naked dude with a flower in his teeth in front of a beat up barn. I’m telling you, if you want any redemtion there better be a large busted red head sitting on top of the rampage when it is done in front of a 20’ x 20’ foot stars and bars.-nuf sed



yea your avatar is awesome haha

nice pics

more of car, less of background

Toxic Jonny da profit! Preach on brother man, tits and grits. This highbrow shit just aint you Z. It does look nice. Is that the covert locale by Kerri’s house?