My idea for saving buffalo...

I was waching the news an they said there were 33 murdurs already this year an i think to myself…hmm, who could fix this…we need …Batman! or Robo Cop…or some form of Teenage Mutant Ninja ****** (doesnt have to be a turtle, personaly i think like a mutant badger would be better…those little suckers are mean). spiderman would be cool, but he’d be limited to like 2 blocks.

it would really be more efficient to carpet bomb the city and start over again…

yeah but having a super hero here would rule…i can finaly answer my calling as a villian.


with the new super hero tax theyre highly unlikely to want to chill around here…

i think he could save us

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This gets my vote for the dumbest NYSpeed thread to date…

i wouldn’t stick my dick in this thread even if i was drunk

shut up u guys suck. I got nothing else to do im fuckin half crippled here lol.


x-rays or die

wow i’m gonna go somewhere else the past 3 threads i’ve seen on here were total crap

iv had my primary dr. an orthopedic surgeon and an orthopedic theropist specializing in the shoulder/neck region tell me the same thing.

Since nobody is looking in this tread, I’d like to say that Poopra’s ride is slow and gay, and I’ll smoke his ass on Pump gas.



Pump Gas Crime…

BTW - JEG… my statement stands true.

actual Jack your statement is wrong, they do an MRI, it gives them an image of the tendons and mucle, x-rays only show bone.

Eh I’d say go with an out of control fire more, kind of like Chicago or something. Or selection demo-ing of buildings, or blocks for that matter.
There are a few things worth saving here and there

Let see what everyone else thinks :stuck_out_tongue: polls up!

you havent had an MRI done yet…


who voted for “great thread” i mean come on…


no serious “funny not found”