My new ride

Figured I’d post up on here after EMX sent me the info on this forum.

So I got tired of driving around my Jimmy all year long, so I relagated it to the winter whip now. Gots me one of these now!

Here’s a hint…

ok, here’s the rest…
It’s a 1996 M3

Oh Jeeeeeze mike, that is so hot…

welcome btw :slight_smile:

You sir, need to become friends with these guys.

like i said before…


but we need to go offroading :squint:

llokin good mike, where’s the turbo? :wink:

nice car mang…but that intierior would look better black imo…but still hoTT car

I am so very jealous of your car, such a beautiful automobile. The interior could be pink and I would still drive it around.

i actually really like the interior because its so rare and different, same with the boston green color of the exterior. but to each their own.

thats a nice car you got there

Wow, that was a nice find. :tup:

That is one of the best ///M interiors I’ve seen.

nice fucking whip :tup:

and the interior looks like sex

hawt! The interior looks mint.


time for a hotTt ///M photoshoot…LOL

welcome to the club of spending lots of money :slight_smile:

nice buy! :tup:

you can never go wrong with an ///M hehe

That car looks hot!! I’ll be looking for you in the mean streets of Hamburg LOL


whoa, i can’t believe it but i love the color of the interior.

and hot car overall

perhaps one day :snky:

but for now the next “toy” on my list is a house which im hoping to get by next spring/summer, so i’m gonna have to start saving those pennies.

Well then you can forget about that turbo for a long while :slight_smile:

pimp, throw a turbo on it and make it fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome car man, enjoy it…