Name Change requests


Name change to Wahoo

Thx :slight_smile:


Whats a brother gotta do to get the 315 removed from my name?


can i get named changed to HouseS2K? thx


Plz change my name to Wahoo



I’ll change it but, are SURE you want your name changed? :wink:


all are done.




Thx mike, well My other name confused people bc everyone in the street scene knows me as wahoo and calls me that.


can i get a change to


because now we got some guy running around from Pittsburgh with my screen name and that shit is confusing.

thanks in advance.


Does this still cost $2.99?


amehcs back to “schema” - spanks!


No, I will edit the first post

There is a user with the name schema at this point. got any other names you could use?[COLOR=“Silver”]


I am that schema, lost my password at some point and never used my real email address for a pw recovery ( look at the email, im sure its a bunch of jargon)


thanks again :bigtup:


Lol, Just Karter = Arch Angel…so, did you have a sex change?


can i get mine changed from djm092 to nospoolDC2 thank you


IBsomeone kicks it to AA and asks for nudes only to find a 300+lb dude.


yes, can we get clarification here?


Arch as in welding is what I assumed. But it really is arc welding, not arch…I figured it was a play on words.


Arch angel sounds like some gay Final Fantasy crap lol