Name Change requests




my namechange a no-go? Theres a way to merge all posts under both of the names so both are floating around. But if not, I suppose “Schemas” would work too :shrug:


I made it Schemas. I couldn’t do Schema as I can not tell if they are both you. If it is two different users there is no way to make it work. I do not have the time to check into all of that so you can have a name,.


can you change mine to thach?


I can vouch for him being both of them. Just sayin.


Can you change mine to Evolve … :wink:


Can you please change mine to camelnuts? Lol j/k


yep me too



Cool, I will attempt to merge them down.

Merged successfully. The only thing that I lost was the avatar.


So - after a few years with this name im getting bored of it… a rename to ‘Hortanica’ would be awesome


can you change mine to “turbo_dreams” please? thank you!





Can you change mine to ‘PEN15’


Thank You!


Can I get Hi5ingmf?? I still don’t know why the only forums I don’t use it on are the NY forums I am still on


can you change mine to “n/a_no_thanks” please and thanks


Civichb<--------Had this name since '01 and UBRF days, car is long gone and time for a change.
Can someone change it to “Bakes”


Done, but you might have problems finding your old threads / posts until we run maintenance on the forum again.


Alrighty, thanks for the heads up!


can i be JoshParr