Name Change requests


Won’t work, lol.


yamba6 ? if not its ok.


If you really want it to look like ‘yambag’ I don’t have a problem with it.


Could you change mine to nytalonTSi please?

For some reason when I registered in '09 I couldn’t use that username.


You’re getting close buddy!


Make this happen!!


Changes made y0!


OH Yeamba6…


Requesting change to “mak” if available


Why not, lol i already use in on other forums and people say it all the time on here either way. Might as well. I dont take it person and honest I find it to be funny.

Hope you’re happy

should have saw that coming

Thank you!

now just for a new title since I dont have a gf



Thanks Josh!


SnowboardinWNY wanted me to post in here for him, he’s super busy. He’d like his new name to be “ILYKEBOYZ”



Any chance you change my username to “mav”?


can i get my username changed please to Slaw, thanks


First name Cole? Cuz that would be a sweet nickname if your name was Cole.


change to maxxvr please


[sarcasm] Can you change my name to @pussypower?[/sarcasm]


In all seriousness, can I change mine to Chris?



Chris is taken and the user has posts so I can not delete them. Pick another.

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Bro, you have one post. Does it really matter?


yes, sorry. its my username name for other forums. it would be nice to keep them the same.